Invisible Wings

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Book Three in the Hummingbird Series

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Chloe and Perri are still on the run from the assassin her captors have sent to kill them both. But now Chloe has the confidence and the determination to bring The Six gang down and seek justice for all the pain and torment her and many others have experienced while in the hands of the notorious gang.

This however, is extremely dangerous and they do not know who they can trust. When Chloe gives all the details she can remember to the detectives on the case, her and Perri must go into protective custody, until The Six are brought down. But before long their hideout is discovered by those hunting them, and Perri suspects there is a mole in the precinct who is working for The Six.

Perri has been training Chloe to protect herself in the weeks they are hiding, but has he taught her enough, and does Chloe have it in her to do what it takes to escape those who have been sent to kill them?

Both her mental and physical strength will be tested in this fight for their lives, and the outcome is life changing, in more ways than one.

Part of the Hummingbird Series

Book One – Hummingbird

Book Two – Taking Flight

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