Chloe’s amnesia has allowed her to live in the moment with her hot detective, without the terror of her past destroying her. But as she continues to have flash backs and dreams, the horrors of what she experienced while in the hands of the notorious gang, The Six, begins to open her mind to the things she would much rather forget forever.

When the killing machine of the gang, the Viper comes after Chloe and Perri, life becomes a deadly game of cat and mouse. Perri has overstepped his role as the detective on the case becoming emotionally and physically tied to Chloe. The two unlikely lovers have to work together to outsmart the Viper and to keep their lives.

Will the horrors of Chloe’s past be too much for their new relationship to conquer or will it be exactly what they need to get them through the chaos and threatening situation they have  found themselves in?