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Short Story – Book One

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Chloe finds herself battered and bruised, barely conscious and laying in the cold streets of New York. She has no recollection of how she got there or what happened to her. As she recuperates in hospital, her memory slowly begins to recover, but what she remembers is horrific and suggests possible links to the notorious gang, The Six.

During her recovery, she becomes the only witness for building a case against The Six. Detective Perri Brooks is determined to bring this gang down but meeting Chloe and learning about her ordeal stirs something in him that he finds hard to contain. Chloe finds herself becoming close to the Detective in more ways than one.

Will she remember who she is and what happened to her? Does she really want to? Or would she prefer to follow her heart and build a completely new life?

This story contains content that may cause distress of discomfort for some readers. If you are a victim of abuse or rape, please beware this story deals with such topics.
We have included a list of support services (in Australia) at the end of the book, that may be useful for anyone experiencing mental health or emotional difficulties or are in crisis or those who need suicide prevention support.

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