Happiness Unending

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Short Story – Book Two

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When fate brought them back together, the mistake that orchestrated the life changing events for both Avyanna and Xane morphed into something they both cherish, adore, and dote over.

Just when Avyanna begins to let her walls down and let Xane’s love in, an old flame from Xane’s current life seeks to destroy everything that stands in the way of her definition of happily ever after. Complications and heartache never seem too far away in this love story. Will Avyanna stand her ground and fight for what she wants, Xane? Or will she push away everything that reignites her pain from the past?

Xane finally has the life he has always dreamed of. A life with Avyanna in it and a family all his own. He knows he must continue to work hard to gain back Avyanna’s trust and he is prepared to do anything to prove to her that she is the only woman he wants. But when Hailey, an old venomous flame shows up wanting him back, she will not stop until she has what she wants. And she is focused on getting Xane back, no matter what.
How can Xane prove his love for Avyanna, when Hailey does everything she can to come between them?

While trying to fit the pieces of their work life and private life together, they will once again have to overcome this new challenge. Or the happiness and family they both want will be tarnished forever?

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