Awakening Molly

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Molly is happy in her life. Well on the outside it appears she has the perfect existence. She is from a wealthy family, gets to indulge in her passion-art, and has the perfect boyfriend. So why does none of that matter when she meets Javis?

Javis is living his dream life, travelling through Europe earning money along the way. When he takes a job as a model for a naked portrait class, he thinks ‘why not?’. His first class is nerve wracking, but when the intriguing Molly arrives late to paint his portrait, his only focus becomes her.

They develop a friendship that quickly turns into a steamy romance and Molly realises what her life was missing. The spark for love and life! Javis teaches her this, while also awakening something inside her that she never imagined she had, a sassy, sexy version of herself.

Molly is high on life and love, until everything comes crashing down, when Javis betrays her so badly she questions everything.

Why are the ones we love always the most dangerous?

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