Riding the Storm

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Book 2 of the Stormy Love Series.

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Book 1 needs to be read first! https://myromancehub.com/product/storm-chaser/

Emberly’s life was never easy, with her mother moving around a lot and her constant on-again, off-again boyfriends. But at least she knew how to handle that life and she had finally met someone, in Reuel, who understood her. When her mother and Reuel’s father are killed in a car accident, Emberly & Reuel’s lives come to a crashing and devastating halt.

Emberly is forced to move to live with her estranged aunt in NY. Leaving everything she knows and loves behind, including Reuel. Her life in NY is miserable and she is trapped in a house of horrors. She is all alone, and life is about to get a lot more difficult and torturous. She is trapped in a world of pain, and she can’t see any way out.

Emberly will be changed forever by the terror of her new existence, but can she hold on long enough to dream of a life once again with Reuel?

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