Whisper My Secrets

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Action/Thriller Romance – Book Two

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A thriller romance.

Amara lives a sheltered life, her mother died when she was nine and her controlling father keeps a very short leash on her. She doesn’t mind so much as the stutter she suffers since her mothers death, creates a struggle she can not overcome, no matter how much she would like to. Being the community outcast is a hard life to live, so she prefers to stay to herself.

Then along comes Detective Dawson Reid, who is investigating her father for an unspeakable crime. Even though she doesn’t think her father is the person attacking women, she also knows he is possibly capable of it. The more time she spends with Detective Reid, the more she feels like the person she wants to be. He gives her confidence and strength, and he also stirs up feelings she has never had for anyone else before.

Dawson is closing in on his target, but does that mean what has developed between him and Amara will be a closed case too?

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