Goodbye Vanilla

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Do you sometimes wish you could let go and be free to be the sex siren you really are?

Svenja has decided to do just that. She is a quiet country girl, who moved to the big city to follow her dreams and create a new adventurous life for herself. Boy, does she do just that, when she meets the gorgeous yet promiscuous Austen.

She learns to let go and allow herself to discover her inner siren. Take a life changing ride with Svenja and Austen in Goodbye Vanilla!

Country girl Svenja has moved to the big city of New Orleans. She has left her twin and all she knows behind in pursuit of her dreams. She takes a job at a bar, to make ends meet. Her new job opens up her world to new friends and new people.

Then enters the infamous Austen Wright. He is well known for his bedroom antics and his constant casual sex with many women. When Austen sees Svenja behind his regular bar, he instantly wants her to be a bed buddy. He is confident and goes after what he wants. And he wants Svenja.

Looking for new experiences, Svenja willingly participates in his seduction. Austen teaches her all sorts of sexual pleasures and she becomes more confident to experiment with him. She can’t resist him even though she knows he won’t stick around, and she will get hurt in the end. He looks at her with gorgeous bedroom eyes and she is putty in his hands.

He has never said they would be anything but sexual partners and she often sees him around with other women. She was fine before he walked into the bar, but now she can’t help but be pulled into his sensual orbit.

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