Hacking My Desire

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Book Two of the Hacking Love Series.

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After being stuck in Erika’s small apartment for almost a week, Kaltain is keen to get back to the real world. Erika knows once the beautiful stranger, Kaltain, leaves her apartment, they will possibly never see each other again.

She hates goodbyes so she sneaks out before he wakes, leaving Kaltain confused and saddened. He thought they had something special, but clearly Erika had other ideas.

When the real world becomes their new reality, they lose sight of each other but that doesn’t stop the yearning or the feeling of loss. When their lives collide once again, what happens when an unexpected situation threatens Kaltain’s life?

Will Erika hold onto her heady whirlwind of independence and defiance? Will the stubborn Kaltain accept that he is in danger? There is so much at stake for them both. But they must let go of their personal faultlines to keep Kaltain safe and to let the relationship develop into something more?

Enjoy the emotional ride and the sassy banter in this mesmerizing love story.

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