A historical romance. The stakes are high for Olive, but the need to save her sister is much higher. Olive sets about taking on the country’s best poker players, to win enough money to save her sister from her ailing illness.

She is winning games comfortably, with no-one yet able to beat her. She knows she is the best in the tournament, but she finds herself distracted by the charming and infamous Charley Temple, the tournaments organizer.

Charley has taken a special interest in Oliver, her alter ego, and the similarities between Olive and Oliver. But Olive finds her own feelings for Charley to be the biggest distraction of all.

She knows she cannot be involved with him in any way other than professionally, and only as Oliver. But the more time she spends around him the more he stirs up something in her that becomes extremely hard to tame.

Recommended to read book one Poker Face before this one.