It’s the early 1800’s and gambling is outlawed in many American states, with some exception being made for so-called ‘Respectable Men’. Olive, who was taught poker by her older brother, has become an exceptional poker player.

In a bid to raise much needed funds to purchase medicine and a doctor’s time for her ailing sister, Olive embarks on a quest to win lucrative poker tournaments, under the guise of a young man named, Oliver.

After catching the attention of a prestigious poker tournament organizer, Oliver is offered an exclusive invitation to play in the country’s most lucrative and coveted tournament. However, the risks are high and if she is caught posing as a man, much less gambling, not only her plan but also her life and that of her family and her trusted and loyal friend Fergus, could be destroyed.

The stakes are high, but the need is much higher, so Olive sets about taking on the country’s best poker players, to win enough money to save her sister. However, it is not long before the infamous Charley Temple, the tournaments organizer, is hot on her tail.

Will he discover her true identity and if he does, what does that mean for her and her family?