A Key To My Heart

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Book Two in Reflection Series

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Auden always thought she had all the time in the world to reconnect with her brother, after she drove him away when their parents died. But her world came to a screaming halt when that time was stolen away from her and Dylan was suddenly gone forever.

Auden deeply regrets the years lost between herself and her estranged brother. She knows it was her fault their relationship was never mended and she will live with the guilt for the rest of her life.

In a bid to find out about his life and all she doesn’t know about him, Auden sought out his best friend; a stranger whose name appeared often in Dylan’s diary.

As she gets to know more about her brother from Neko Rollins, Auden realizes she feels more for him than just gratitude. She can’t stop thinking about him . . .

However, she has been alone for so long it is hard for her to let her walls down. Neko is drawn to Auden because of her likeness to Dylan, as well as her beauty and her uniqueness.

Neko’s charm and easy nature begin to break through Auden’s barriers but what happens when Neko confesses his feelings for her?

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