Treat yourself to the MINI version of the WANDERFUL, your best travel companion!

At only 15 cm long, it fits in your luggage to travel with complete peace of mind. Silent, it is discreet but with a powerful vibration. Experience abundant pleasure discreetly without drawing undue attention.

The wand’s body features a gently cushioned surface, providing a secure and comfortable grip. Its adaptable neck flexes, seamlessly conforming to the contours of your body for close and personalized engagement.

The MINI WANDERFUL comes in two enticing color options:

• In a graceful combination of White & Rose Gold, experience elegance and chic that perfectly accentuates those delightful intimate moments.

• Opt for Plum & Silver for a dash of sophisticated mystery, adding an enigmatic allure to your secret caresses.

Indulge in acquiring one, and it will swiftly become your indispensable travel companion!

Brand Dorcel

Model EAN13 3700436073148
Dimension Pack 21 x 11.5 x 5 cm / 8.27 x 4.53 x 1.97 inches
Number of Batteries 0
NbVibration Mode 20
Dimension Out of Pack 15.5 x 3.88 cm / 6.1 x 1.53 inches
Power supply USB
Power supply provided YES / YES
Size S
Desired pleasures External stimulation
Battery types Rechargeable
Remote controlled No
Collections Mini Wanderful