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Short Story – Book One

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Maylea, the owner and head chef of a chic French restaurant in Atlanta is faced with the train ride of her life. She leaves Atlanta to travel home to Boston to say “good-bye” to her father who is on his deathbed. She leaves her current beau who didn’t seem to care where she was going or why.

On the train she meets Ryder, a graduate student heading back to finish his doctorate in chemical engineering. They strike up a conversation and learn that they have a magnetic chemistry that pulls them together.

When things take a bad turn and they decide to stay the night together on a layover, things become so much more than either bargained for.

Where will this train ride lead Maylea and Ryder? Come along for the ride to find out!

A journey of love and lose, Bittersweet is an erom that will have you thinking about a simple train ride in a whole new way!



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