Embrace your allure as a captivating seductress, armed with an array of enchanting tricks to achieve whatever your heart desires. Among your beguiling arsenal are the Allure stockings, a symbol of your irresistible charm. These black hold-up stockings are a masterpiece of glamour, featuring a striking silver seam elegantly trailing along the back. They seamlessly blend with a seductive fishnet garter, enhancing their enchanting appeal.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these stockings are designed in a fine, delicate mesh, offering both comfort and style. The toes are thoughtfully reinforced, providing durability while maintaining an invisible appearance, ensuring that nothing detracts from their sophisticated design.

Their composition is a testament to their quality and allure: 87% polyamide for a smooth, soft texture, 12% elastane for the perfect stretch and fit, and 1% metallic thread, adding a subtle sparkle that catches the light and the eye. These stockings are not just an accessory; they are a statement of elegance, charm, and the power of seduction.


Sizing is Equivelent to – 1 = XS, 2 = S, 3 = M, 4 = L, 5 = XL