Alina Corset by Casmir: A Bespoke Experience in Lingerie

Elevate your intimate wear with the Alina corset by Casmir. This piece effortlessly combines fashion-forward thinking with traditional craftsmanship. The enchanting lacework, unlike anything you’ve seen before, stands as a testament to its unique aesthetic.


  • Intricate Rear Lacing: Ensuring a custom fit that seamlessly adapts to your form.
  • Distinctive Lace Design: A refreshing departure from the norm, setting this corset apart.
  • Quality Craftsmanship: With a fabric composition prioritizing comfort and durability.

Composition: A harmonious fusion of 85% luxurious polyester, 10% supple elastane, and 5% high-quality polyamide.

Step into a world where classic meets contemporary with the Alina corset. Choose to stand out, choose Casmir.

Divine Casmir, microfibre and micro mesh black and gold body | The Nylon Bar