So, you’re here because you love reading romance novels, right?

Do you ever wonder why it is the most popular genre worldwide?

Well, we have put together a list of reasons why readers love romance so much. Check it out and see if you fit with any of the following thoughts.

# It lets me travel the world in my mind and I know it will turn out happy in the end (mostly).


# I love falling in love.


# Because it makes my heart sigh and flutter.


# Romance promotes supportive systems within relationships.


# It’s an escape and you’re guaranteed to end the day feeling good.


# It’s the good stuff that holds me over when I have to face the harsh and sometimes difficult realities of life.


# The heroine is the hero of her own story.


# It’s fun reading fantasy and it takes me away.


# I Love sharing the struggles and challenges the characters go through, and it shows that two people in love can really conquer anything.


# Life has so much negativity and disappointment and with romance you get a happy ending.


# There is so much in the genre. It’s not just about ripping clothes off, but it’s so varied in all sorts of ways.


# Romance makes the world go around. When you’re in love and you have someone special in your life, it makes life enjoyable rather than just enduring.


# We all want romance in our lives.


# Everyone gets a happily ever after.


# It’s fun and I’d like my life to be like that.


# It presses all my buttons and sparks my brain.


# The fans and community attached to romance is half of the enjoyment, I love it.


# Authors really listen to their fans.


# It brings hope and escapism to people.


# It’s learning about relationships, it’s learning about sex, and allows us to explore subjects in our minds. Especially if we are not comfortable with talking about it to others.


# I Love the connection between the hero and the heroine and the moment right before they kiss.


# Because they show women, they are worth it. Because they show women, they are strong female heroes. They show women other women’s lives and are written by women. They show women they can be the main focus, not just footnotes in men’s stories.


# They talk to women. And they talk about things that are important to women.


# They offer positive portrayals of female sexuality and strength.


# Romance novels show us women who fight against the system of social norms and expectations.


# Romance novelists are the original feminists – it’s a genre for women written by women.


# It shows women taking their lives and destinies into their own hands.


# Romance novels break the typical stereotypes.


# They empower women to feel comfortable in their own skin and to allow themselves to desire and enjoy sex.


# They inspire intimacy and bring out my romantic side.


# I Learn a lot from characters about love, romance, intimacy, and relationships.


# For the ideal men portrayed in them. Tall, dark, and handsome, along with honest, respectful, kind, loving, and romantic. They make us hopeful.


So, at the end of the day, what is not to LOVE about romance stories. They bring so much to our lives, and I know personally, I could not live without them xxxx