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Book Two of Forever Home Series

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Book 2 of Forever Home Series

Young love lasts forever. Many years ago, Maya fell hard for her foster brother Riker. They were best friends who fell in love. But when Maya’s father found out he sent Riker away and Maya never saw him again. She was devastated and angry that he left without telling her.

Riker too was devastated but felt he had no choice.

Several years have passed and Maya has filled her life with her career, feeling that’s all she needs. Then one day Riker suddenly appears threatening all she has built, including the walls around her heart. Riker has forged a lucrative career as an artist and has a fiancée he plans to marry very soon.

When they finally come face-to-face all the pain comes rushing back and the love Maya thought she had buried deep inside surfaces like a tsunami of emotions. Riker always thought she would have moved on to someone she deserved but when he sees the pain in her eyes, he knows she hasn’t forgotten him.

Can Maya forgive him and move on with her life? Or is her heart truly forever his? 

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