Beauty Night Lingerie: Tattoo-Esque Elegance Set

Discover a unique blend of sensuality and sophistication with the exclusive three-piece set from Beauty Night Lingerie. Intricately designed, this ensemble marries flesh-colored tulle with striking black floral embroidery, creating a captivating tattoo effect. Every stitch and curve is crafted to accentuate and celebrate your natural beauty, ensuring you feel as stunning as you look.

A touch of practicality for the modern woman:

  • Versatile Storage Pouch: Not just for safekeeping, but this pouch doubles as a washing protector, ensuring your delicate lingerie remains in pristine condition for many enchanted evenings to come.

Composition: 88% Polyester, 12% Elastane.

Experience the allure of elegance and the boldness of contemporary design. With the Beauty Night Lingerie set, step into a world where art meets intimacy, and every moment becomes a memory. Wear your confidence, and let the world see your radiant charm.

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