Book Two of The Art of Love Series.

When Ambrose found a suicide note from Desiree, he set out to find her and then to show her life was worth living. He makes it his mission to show her all the beautiful things life has to offer.

In doing so, Ambrose falls fast for Desiree and when he begins to make her smile and then laugh, he knows he met her for a reason. But Desiree is sceptical and she has some major trust issues.

Even though Ambrose makes her feel good and has shown her more beauty in the world than she had ever seen before, her inner demons won’t let go so easily. As Desiree battles her doubt and insecurities, Ambrose fights to win her over and to change her opinion about life.

However, when Ambrose’s past comes back to haunt him, he decides Desiree isn’t ready to share his history so he hides it from her. Of course, she senses him change and instantly becomes suspicious.

Will they be able to work through their issues or will Ambrose’s secrets prove too much and send Desiree running?

Recommended to read book one first.

Book One – The Painting of Passion