You’ve been sexting all day and now he’s going to show up?

This special clitoris balm prepares your body to experience more intense orgasms. It offers a soft texture thanks to its base of coconut oil and almond oil and provides an instant heating effect which activates blood circulation in your clitoris to increase sensitivity.

Regular use of this balm increases blood flow, which benefits sexual health and makes intercourse more pleasurable by reducing discomfort.

Run your finger over the surface of the balm then apply it to your clitoris: you will instantly notice its warming effect!

Fragrance: Ginger

Compatible with erotic toys

Duration: +/- 30 minutes (variable depending on the person)

Stronger sensations: heating effect (Thermolat)

Increased sensitivity: arginine

Content: Clitoral balm 8 g

Important information:  The balm contains almond oil