A bestfriends romance.

Juniper and Teman refuse to acknowledge their true feelings for each other. Juniper feels a strong loyalty to her friend, Alice, who is now dating Teman and will not ruin their friendship to pursue her own feelings.

Teman would give up everything for Juniper in an instant but when he learns his friend, Paul, has asked Juniper to be his girlfriend, he knows the only thing left to do is disappear from his friend’s lives forever. He knows he could not bear to see his beloved Juniper with Paul and he could not continue lying to Alice.

As the four best friend’s lives move forward, they are all pulled in different directions and away from each other. The years that follow are full of regret and angst for the past for both Juniper and Teman. They long to be with each other and as they try to fight their emotions and move on with life, without each other, the pain of losing each other only grows harsher and they find it harder, every day to keep their distance from each other.

Read Book 1 of this bestfriends romance first.

Book 1 – Unaligned Stars