No More Secrets

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Book Three in Secret Series

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Amara has been through so much in her short life. It began with the death of her mother, which left her the target of her cruel and calculated father. She has lived her whole life hiding her true experiences as her father controls her every move and punishes her severely for perceived defiance, or if she upset him in some way.

But now time is running out for her father as Detective Reid closes in on his malicious acts of violence. While Amara feels somewhat protected by Dawson, she also knows what her father is truly capable of, and now so does Dawson.

While Dawson gathers evidence to put Amara’s father behind bars for a long time, he has many supporters that will do and say anything to help him evade jail.

This is the final chapter of a chaotic, brutal but also romantic and heart-warming story of cat and mouse. Will justice be served, or will Professor Bernard be free to continue his reign of terror?

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