Book 3 in the Olive Series.

Oliver has made it to the ultimate poker tournament, but Charley has known all along that Oliver is actually, Olive Rivers. Not only has Olive been representing herself as a male, but she is also participating in illegal gambling. Both of which can land her in jail.

Charley is intrigued by Olive and presents her an offer she cannot refuse. But can Charley be trusted or is he leading Olive into a false sense of safety only to turn on her and use her unfortunate situation for his benefit?

Charley is not the only person, however, that Olive needs to be cautious of. There is someone else, waiting in the shadows for the perfect time to bring Olive and her successes crashing down. In a world of ambitious and greedy men, Olive has her work cut out for her, but if anyone is determined and skilled enough to pull it off, it’s Olive.