Hoofbeat Redemption

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Book Three of the Hearts Series. A redemption Romance.

After being held hostage and beaten by Seren’s vengeful father, Ren struggles to keep her unborn baby safe. She spends the remainder of her pregnancy in hospital under close observation. When the worst happens Ren and Seren and their friends are left devastated and heartbroken. Suddenly what was important before, no longer feels like it matters at all.

But Alicia refuses to give up on their mission and works hard to keep the momentum of their pursuit of finding justice for all those hurt or killed due to the illegal activities of the CEO of Royalty Racing, forging ahead. While at the same time she is committed to proving Luke is not responsible for what he has been charged with, even if he feels that he is.

Alicia has more to lose than anyone realizes and her reasons for continuing to fight for justice, are three-fold. She will not give up and she will prove her loyalty to everyone close to her, while striving to bring everyone back to their original objective.

Alicia will be faced with the fight of her life, but Ren and Seren have lost so much, she will not let them lose any more.

Best to read the first two books in this redemption series.

Book 1 – Racing Hearts

Book 2 – Splinter My Heart

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