This is a lost love story full of emotional drama and an unbreakable bond.

Mila and Jayden found each other just when Mila had lost all hope in the world. She was living in a terribly dysfunctional and violent home, with parents who didn’t care about her. Jayden became her saviour, her safe place. His family took her in with open arms and everything was bearable for a little while. Jayden looked out for Mila, he protected her, and they became the best of friends. Even though they were still very young Mila fell hard for Jay and Jay felt the same for Mila.

Then everything changed. Jayden and his family move back to Australia and Mila is once again left to live a life of misery and she losses all hope. Over the next few years, Mila does whatever she needs to survive. But when she discovers what her monstrous father is really capable of, she sets out to find Jayden. He is the only one who ever cared about her and if she were to survive the twisted manipulations and actions of her father, she needed his help.

She sets out to find him, but will he want her when she does? Will he care? Will he even remember her? Will her lost love become her saviour a second time or has too much changed?


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