Finding Me

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Short Story – Book Two

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Book Two in Our Journey Series

This bestfriends romance is full of action, emotion and complex characters. When Gia is battling unwanted advances from a senior professor, Pax is their to save her. When Pax has an emergency that draws him back home, and he and his family are in the fight of their lives, Gia is right by his side. That is what best friends are for, right?

But what happens when feelings evolve into so much more? Both have ever growing feelings but they both also fear they will lose each other if they reveal how they really feel. Each time it becomes too much for either of them to hide their love, something invades their privacy and it never seems like the right time.

When things are misconstrued and opportunities are lost, time is running out. If one of them do not share their true feelings, maybe the chance to be together will be lost forever.

Should read Book One first.

Book One – Finding Us

Book Two – Finding Me

Book Three – Finding You

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