Book Two of the Chemistry Series

Lennon was betrayed by her fiancée, in the worst possible way. To add to the complications of the broken relationship, her ex was from a prominent family, who the media loved to commentate on. Her scoundrel ex-fiancé was about to announce his engagement to his mistress, just months after he so callously cheated on Lennon, with her.

Lennon couldn’t face the fallout and shame of his heartless actions and needed to get as far away from New York as possible. When her flight is cancelled due to bad weather, she is forced to stay another night in the city she was trying to leave behind.

As fate would have it, she sparks up a conversation with a handsome stranger who also appears to be running from something, and the attraction between them is palpable. They decide to live on the edge and to leave all their troubles behind for one night of hot, no-strings attached sex.

In that short time together, they both experience a connection and desire so strong they begin to realize, what they were leaving behind in New York, was not the happy ever after they once thought it was.

When they say goodbye, Lennon thinks that is the end of their time together, but Wilder can’t get enough of her and has other plans.

Join Lennon and Wilder on yet another wild and steamy night, that may change their lives forever.