Changing Molly

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Book two in Molly Series.

When you step outside societies expectations the consequences can be dangerous . . .

A steamy romance, a jealous boyfriend, and disapproving parents. It has it all!

When Molly fights against the traditions of her wealthy family and finds love with a very untraditional guy, she creates a string of events, that even she didn’t see coming!

While Javis brings out a side of Molly she never realized she was capable of, Molly entices Javis like no one before her. They carry on a hot romance but they both know it is forbidden and work hard to keep it secret.

But when her parents find out they make it clear that she is to break it off with Javis immediately and she is to marry another, someone in her social caliber. Molly fights her parents all the way but as things between her and Javis become more intense and the relationship between Molly and her parents become more strained, the unfathomable happens.

Will Javis be damaged forever, because of her own selfish needs? Someone in her close circle is capable of the most despicable act, and Javis has become their target.

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