Changing Molly

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Book Two in Molly Series

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When Molly began a hot sexual romance with Javis, a visiting American, her life before him seemed so bland. While her previous relationship was boring and calculated. With Javis she experienced things she only ever read about in romance books. Her feelings for him became stronger every day until the she saw something that proved his betrayal, and her new world came tumbling down.

Molly cut him from her life and has tried to put him behind her. Javis, however, has other ideas. He is going to prove to her that he did not betray her. With the demands of Molly’s father and the constant interference by her ex, it seems their relationship is doomed.

Will Javis win Molly back or will the pull of an easy, dull life as she knew it, prove the more attractive route to a her existence?


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