Book 4 in Stormy Love Series.

Despite their love for each other, Emberly and Reuel have obstacles to work through together. But Emberly finds it difficult to change her need to do what she thinks is necessary to protect her daughter. She finds herself again keeping secrets from Reuel.

To find contentment in their newfound love, Emberly has to forgive herself and the people involved in her journey. Emberly continues to be haunted by the trauma of her past. When she struggles to find the strength to forgive and forget, she lashes out at the one person who loves her the most.

Reuel holds on to his hope that Emberly, and Jennerly will forever be a central part of his life. Even when Emberly pushes him away at the time they should be at their closest, he never sways in his love for her.

Reuel discovers Emberly has been keeping the most important parts of her life a secret from him. The situation becomes the difference between life and death and the happiness of his one true love, so Reuel quickly takes matters into his own hands. He doubles down on saving both Emberly and the most important person in her life.

Can their love withstand the constant hits from their pasts as well as the immediate need of survival?

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