Canvas of Love

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Book Three – The Art Of Love Series

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A new adult romance.

Ambrose’s world is turned upside down when he finally finds his daughter, whom he thought had died. As events unfold Ambrose finds out the hard way that keeping secrets is not the right way to start a new relationship. Desiree questions everything they had together and all trust in him is gone.

While working through her pain Desiree creates some of her best artwork to date, throwing everything she has into it. Every emotion, every experience and every thought she has been carrying with her for so long, displayed on a canvas. She fights her inner demons, trying to see reason within her reality and her relationship with Ambrose. But killing off the demons of her past isn’t easy and in his accidental betrayal, Ambrose hasn’t made it easy for her to move forward with her life.

They both must learn to trust each other and the relationship they have built, so that they can grow as a couple. Will they be able to do that?


Read Books 1 & 2 in the new romance series first.

Book 1 – Painting of Passion

Book 2 – Paint a Picture

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