Bittersweet Revenge

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Book Two of the Bittersweet Series.

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When Maylea and Ryder come to the end of their journey, they can’t say goodbye. What they experienced together was too special to let go. They have decisions to make that may change their lives forever.

The chance encounter with Ryder led Maylea down a path that brings more happiness than she could have imagined. But just when she becomes comfortable with making a new life for herself and leaving the old one behind, someone from her old life decides she can’t move on without knowing what she left behind and why her life will never be safe again.

Ryder knows he has found his soul mate and is willing to do anything to make her his. He knows things have moved fast but he has no plans to slow down. He wants Maylea bad, she has buried herself deep in his heart. But when things seem to be perfect, something so catastrophic happens, the Maylea he knows and loves will be changed forever.

Revenge is on the agenda and for Maylea and Ryder that means their lives are about to be turned upside down and the world as they know it completely shattered. Love is not enough to save them from the monsters of the world.

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