A Tale of Two Faces

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Book Two in the Two Faces Series

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Arabella went against her better judgement and allowed Caelen into her secret life. She knows she is taking a huge risk but the feelings she has for him are stronger than her common sense.

She knows the time with Caelen is limited. Every aspect of their lives is so different it would be laughable if it weren’t so serious. 

Arabella wants to believe Caelen when he says he will protect her from his indulgent life and the people who are a part of it. But from the very beginning it becomes obvious that is a harder task than either of them expected.

When reality bites, both Caelen and Arabella are given a wake-up call. However, Caelen is determined not to let Arabella go. He has been craving her his whole life.

Arabella on the other hand, has so much more to lose. She wants to continue a relationship with Caelen, having someone by her side to support her is all she has ever wanted. Though this someone may be the reason for her demise.

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