Many of us think great sex means penetration. Well, that isn’t necessarily the case. There are many ways to have a fantastic, powerful orgasm without having to have any penetration at all.

How you might ask. Well, we are going to share with you several ways you can bring yourself or someone else to orgasm or teach your partner to make you feel so good your body explodes.

Read on and then have yourself and your partner some fun while you experiment to find out what works best for you.

There is so much more to sex then penetration!

Engaging in foreplay and stimulation of our various body parts is a very satisfying way to find an orgasm and to have fun and bonding with your partner. There are many sexually inspired plays that can happen between partners that allows you to explore and get to know each other’s bodies and work out what you like and what you don’t like. In turn you not only gain amazing orgasms with an equally amazing sex life, but you create a bond and understanding with your partner that is stronger than anything else.

Vaginal intercourse maybe something you can’t or aren’t ready to participate in at the moment, or you may need a little more stimulation to enjoy sex and reach orgasm. All of that is perfectly okay.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t do other things with your partner. Sometimes playing and experimenting with each other, in a consensual and considerate way gives you more than a climax. Or you may want to add something more to your sex life or your relationship.


What is important to understand is that every person and everybody is different. We all have different anatomy, different experience we bring to the bedroom and our lives, different likes and dislikes and different relationships. All this affects how we react to stimulation and touch. Not to mention hormonal and belief influences.

The second important thing to remember is that every day is also different. What works or feels good one day may not be so satisfying the next day. We change from day to day. Many things may influence this change, but the most important thing is to bring an open mind and understanding to the bedroom every time.

The third important thing is to let go of all your doubt, judgement and embarrassment or discomfort. Read on with an open mind and if you begin to start feeling like what you are reading is silly, juvenile, or weird, remember millions of people are doing these things every day and they are loving every minute of it. Let your mind go, it’s holding you back from so much pleasure, and just enjoy your and your partners bodies. Trust me you will not regret it!



Let’s look at some fun and pleasurable ways we can orgasm without penetration using erogenous zones.

NB: Erogenous Zones are areas of the human body that has heightened sensitivity, the stimulation of which may generate a sexual response, such as arousal or orgasm. These areas are located all over the body, but the level of sensitivity depends on the concentrations of nerve endings.

FROTTAGE (French word meaning ‘rub’) SEX

This happens when two or more bodies rub together, creating friction or stimulation of our erogenous zones. Frottage can happen with clothes on or off.

Do it solo – Frottage can be done solo. Use a pillow, stuffed toy or couch corner or chair arm and position yourself so your vagina/clit is at a desirable angle and start frottaging (rubbing).

You might be surprised how good this feels. Just put all thoughts and peculiarity aside and enjoy your body and the sensations it can create.

Clothes or underwear on – Yep this may take you back to your young teen years but it’s definitely worth it. Try kissing your partner while frottaging against each other fully clothed. You don’t have to be laying down, you could be standing or sitting as well. This can be so sexy and quickly gets both parties in the mood and very horny. This is lots of fun and can stimulate both yours and your partners erogenous zones together. HOT HOT HOT!

Use lube – for a little added fun, you can add some lubrication to create some slippery, humping fun.

Add a sex toy – play a little with some sex toys, while you frottage. Experiment with a vibrator, nipple clamps or butt plug or panty vibrator. If you haven’t tried any of these, why not start now.


Tongues are incredibly pleasing tools – when it comes to pleasure. Oral sex can be done in many ways. Some people shy away from oral sex. The most important thing is communication, vulnerability and allowing your partner to pleasure you. Remember this is a natural act and there is nothing to be ashamed of. Millions of people are doing it every day and enjoying amazing orgasms. But even if you don’t orgasm this way, the pleasure you will feel is well worth it. Using your mouth and tongue to lick and suck can be a sure way to create an orgasm.

There are also several positions – you and your partner can use to undertake oral sex. Laying on your back, while your partner is on top, standing while your partner is kneeling, bending over the bed or a chair while your partner comes in from behind or on all fours, while your partner is on all fours behind you. Or you on all fours, while your partner comes in from between your legs and under you. Or finally the classic 69 position. There is endless fun to be had!


Groping, touching, grinding, and kissing – on all areas above the panty line can be incredibly arousing. As adults we tend to focus on the main sexual areas, such as the breasts, arse and genitals and don’t pay much attention to anything else. But we are really missing out because there are plenty of other fun places to play.

Try lightly gliding your fingertips – over your partners entire torso or use the tip of your tongue to slowly coast all over his/her skin. This technique can be used anywhere. Just make sure it is light and watch your partner squirm and thrust in ecstasy.

Light kisses or little nibbles – on any part of the body, but particularly the neck, behind the ear or on the ear lobe, on the nipples or on the insides of the thigh (even though this isn’t above the panty line) can send your senses into overdrive. You or your partner will be soaking wet and begging for more in no time.

Finger sucking – can be hell sexy and can create deep intimacy. You can lick, suck, and nibble the fingers, while looking in your partners eyes, to be playful and seductive.


Having a partner explore your vulva and vagina with their fingers – can be intense, intimate, and very erotic. Make sure they go beyond the clitoris. It is a great way to create an erotic build up. To add to the fun, include some light BDSM, like a blindfold or lightly tied wrists so you can concentrate on the pleasure (make sure you choose a safe word for this one just in case you may want to stop).


Use a vibrator against the clitoris – to stimulate you into a powerful orgasm. Your partner could do this while kissing you, sucking and nibbling your neck or nipples, or tweaking your nibbles. You can also experiment on different areas of the body, like the breasts and butt.

Nipple clamps – can add further stimulation and excitement to your making out. The harshness of the nipple clamps, against the gentleness of light kissing and nibbling of the mouth, tongue, neck and ears or the clitoris can be an erotic tantalisation.

Feathers – lightly stroked all over the body is sensual and stimulates many senses. It can be made into a slow body massage to send you crazy with lust.

This all makes for a smoking hot sex play session.



So kissing might seem obvious, right? Well not really. It’s quite amazing how kissing can be so sensual and get our juices flowing.

Gentle kissing – starting on the mouth, travelling down the neck and then reaching every inch of the body, can be so intimate and erotic, stimulating sensitive areas all over your body.

Kissing with passion – can be hot and so sexy, it gets you the blood pumping, the hormones surging and the sexual organs ready to explode. Try kissing your patner with all the love and passion you have in you, for an extended amount of time, without doing anything else and watch your bedroom turn into a totally hot volcano ready to overflow.


Nipples are a potent erogenous zone. An orgasm can be had with nipple stimulation alone. Each nipple has hundreds of nerve endings, making them super sensitive to touch. And playing with your nipples can bring you a lot of pleasure.

You can, lick, suck, tweak and bite the nipples. Each person may like something different, so again, it’s important to experiment and communicate with your partner.


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